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With a leisure wicker chair, sit at home and enjoy

by:Modern Century     2021-05-28
As a new fashion among furniture, outdoor furniture embodies people's life of leisure and relaxation. Entering October, the sunshine in southern China is warm and charming. Have the owners who are decorating their new homes think about adding some outdoor furniture to let themselves and their family immerse themselves in the beauty of pastoral life? There are many kinds of outdoor furniture, and the design is more humane. It can not only be used in the courtyard, but more can also take them to travel, so that you can set off lightly.

??Three lifestyle outdoor choices

??Current outdoor furniture can be divided into three categories. One type is furniture that is permanently fixed outdoors, such as wooden pavilions, wooden tables and chairs, iron tables and chairs, etc. Generally, this kind of furniture should have good corrosion resistance and be heavier, so it should be kept outdoors for a long time. There is also a type of outdoor furniture that can be moved, such as rattan art, wood art, etc., which can be placed outdoors when used, and can be stored in the room when not in use, so this type of furniture is more comfortable, without considering so many sturdy and anti-corrosion. Performance, some fabrics can be added.

White wicker chair

The other category is outdoor furniture that can be carried, such as small dining tables, dining chairs and parasols. This type of furniture is generally made of aluminum alloy or canvas. It is light in weight and easy to carry. It is very suitable for field trips and fishing. You can also bring some outdoor equipment, barbecue grills, tents, etc., to add a lot of fun to outdoor travel.

Choice of outdoor furniture

??When we choose furniture, we are generally more meticulous, but the choice of outdoor furniture is a combination of thickness and fineness. First of all, if you leave it outdoors for a long time, it will inevitably be exposed to wind and sun, so you must prepare your furniture for a certain degree of deformation and fading. Generally, fir and pine are used for wood. However, you have to be more careful in the selection of connectors, because it is related to the sturdiness of outdoor furniture, so you can't let it fall apart as soon as the wind blows for a few days. Therefore, its self-importance is heavier, and it must be firmly connected to the ground and fixed by ropes or buried loads.

In the connection of outdoor furniture components, generally mortise or metal connection, the general metal connection is stronger in comparison, but a well-done mortise is not only firm, and there is still room for movement between the components under stress. Increase the stability of the structure. Moreover, the mortise furniture also has the beauty of the pastoral nature and structure, but it requires good craftsmanship.

The choice of material is related to the style of the room

??From the perspective of the material itself, in addition to performance, there are still some characteristics and skills in style to coordinate with the overall style. For example, generally speaking, the lines of iron art are smooth, and the design of patterns is luxurious and elegant. It is easy to harmonize with the classical style interior design, achieving both rigidity and softness. Wooden outdoor furniture is more suitable for modern and simple indoor environments. The lines are generally straight lines, and some exaggerated shapes are also better. For the rural-style indoor environment, the natural color of wood cannot be more suitable, the natural texture and temperament are relatively easy to achieve coordination, and the delicate lines and details create a calm living atmosphere.
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