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With the amount of of our exclusive styles available

by:Modern Century     2021-03-28

They are generally made using a two-fold metal action frame, fitted with solid wood slats and complete with a fully sprung 5' mattress, all of which make our range of sofa beds great for frequent use. There are a selection of options to select from when it come to sizing - you can opt for single chair beds, or double and furthermore purchase mattresses on their own if you so wish.

For the more discerning client, extra thick luxury sofa bed mattresses can be purchased in a range of sizes. The sofa bed mattresses are filled with care in 4 separate layers of natural materials including felt and wool - not pieces of discarded foam as some low cost foreign import mattresses are. You then have a choice of coverings - each sofa bed can be upholstered in a huge selection of different leathers or fabrics of your choosing. In addition they are available in a selection of modern and funky colours, the most popular so far in 2011 is red believe it or not!. The appearance of colour futon mattresses has also seen a rise in popularity when purchasing chair beds for kids - take a browse through our chair beds for kids pages and you will start to see the huge ranges waiting for you to select from. We supply chair beds which you'll find typically constructed within the UK and are often individually made by hand. For a more personal finish, you may wish to buy a basic wooden futon base in eco-friendly solid pine and if you are handy with a paint brush, you could potentially stain or varnish the sofa bed base in any colour or finish you wish. Welcome to the, your one stop location for the best bed deals on the internet!. We scour the web to source the best deals from leading high quality manufacturers and retailers. The product list includes everything bed related - beds, chair beds uk, memory foam mattresses, bedding and more!. The Best Bed Shop is dedicated to finding you the best products online in the UK at the most competitive prices available anywhere.

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