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Yangchun in March, a painting in poetry, outdoor furniture courtyard with poetry in painting

by:Modern Century     2021-07-28
This is a beautiful painting. It has mountains, water, small bridges, and a family. In this family, there is a courtyard that belongs to Yangchun. In this painting, there is a permanent vitality. When we are old, they are still young-outdoor furniture. Every set of outdoor furniture starts a new life in its suitable environment. Its comfort and emotion become more and more obvious with the use of people. In fact, as long as you are gentle and treat your life with your heart, different styles of furniture will wait. It's a good heart in the place where it should be. This kind of leisure life should be like this! Outdoor furniture, as a new fashion of furniture today, embodies people's life of leisure and relaxation. Whether it is living spaces, private courtyards, private clubs, resort hotels, outdoor furniture is applied. When you sit or lie down and enjoy the beautiful scenery, outdoor furniture that blends with nature is also a beautiful scenery. 'Modern Century' took advantage of the advantages of exporting leisure furniture products for many years. In 2006, it set up a domestic marketing center in Beijing for the first time. A new natural and fashionable leisure lifestyle. 'Modern Century' brand products cover nearly a thousand varieties in three series of leisure furniture, outdoor sunshade, and courtyard leisure equipment. It has formed a professional enterprise integrating garden leisure concept design, production, manufacturing, sales and service. The 'Modern Century' company has many invention and appearance patents. In 2015, the company launched its own original patented 'Sky City' series of products. In May 2015, it signed a contract with American design master Thomas Wilson (Thmos Wilson). At the end of 2015, Sinlege Leisure Furniture (Germany) was established in Munich, Germany, which took a big step forward on the road of independent original internationalization. 'Modern Century' adheres to its consistent brand and innovation path, speeds up the research and development of smart homes, keeps up with the pace of fashion, and advocates leisure garden life. At the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Exhibition in March 2018, Modern Century not only brought the large-scale outdoor furniture 'Sky City' series, but also meticulously created the 'Cloud Dreamland' leisure furniture products rich in Jingchu culture for customers. From March 18th to 21st, Modern Century will meet you at Hall17 and 18, Area D of the Outdoor Furniture Exhibition of Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. Great season for Vientiane renewal.
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