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You're going to have a baby. Preparing for a baby

by:Modern Century     2021-03-21

Of all the items you'll need a baby highchair is something almost all parents purchase from the start. Today's highchairs or feeding stations are dramatically different from years prior. Many are designed in such a way that they can be for an infant who can not sit up on their own, since the chair has a reclining seat. This is a great feature to have as your infant can be close to mom as she is doing household tasks and be in safety and comfort nearby. If the chair does not have a reclining seat your baby will need to be able to sit up on their own before using. Typically in 5-6 months of age. Some highchairs can be adjusted to a booster seat for older children and that's a great feature to have.

When purchasing a highchair keep in mind the following safety tips.

The chair should have a five position security harness to secure the child safely in the chair. This means that the harness has two straps that go over the shoulders, two straps going around the waist and a strap between the legs, all coming together in the center and is connected to a safety clasp. The safety clasp should be able to be released easily with one hand.

The base of the chair should have a wide stance for stability, so the chair does not tip over because of a wiggly child. Each supporting leg should have a wide and firm contact with the floor.

The food trays should clamp securely in place during use. The clamp should be firm enough so the child can not release it on their own, but can easily be released by the parent. The tray should be cleaned with mild detergent. Some trays can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

If your highchair has wheels make certain that the wheels are locked securely before using and can easily be unlocked for mobility. Never move the chair with the child sitting in it. Keep the wheels locked while in use, so the child can not push against the table and move the chair.

Some highchairs collapse for storage so be positive that the chair is locked in an open position and can not collapse, while the child is sitting in it. During storage, make sure the chair is safely locked in the folded position.

You want a chair that can be entirely wiped down with mild detergent. Sticky fingers move all over the chair, even on the legs so you want easy clean up. Vinyl seat cushions can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Some chairs have a removable cloth seat cover that's machine washable.

With all this advice, the Envee Highchair by Badger Basket is an excellent chair to invest in. It is affordably priced and is multi-functional. It converts easily back and forth from a baby feeding station to an individual play table and chair set for an older child.

The following functions are included.

3 Position Feeding Tray

3 Level Position Reclining Seat with Single Hand Recline

5 Position Security Harness with Rapid Release Clasp

2 Feeding Trays. Single Central Tray and Single Insert Tray which is Dishwasher Safe

2 Cup Holder Inserts

Removable and Machine Washable Seat Cover

Made with Sturdy Recycled HDPE and PP Synthetic

Chair and Table Cleans Simply with Mild Detergent

Meets all Prevailing U.S. Safety Standards

Chair Slots in Table only One Way for Safety when Converting to Highchair Position

Cap Inserts Cover Leg Holes on Table Top when it is Used as Play Table

Color Selection is Blue/Orange and Pink/White

This is a highchair/feeding station and an individual play table and chair set that you can use for many years and is durable enough to last a lifetime. This chair can be for a infant in a reclining position all the way to a school-age child who is ready to write and draw. You will definitely receive your money's worth.

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