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Your patio or deck can turn into a chic entertaining

by:Modern Century     2021-03-16

The first step of designing an outdoor kitchen is to plan out different zones and furnish them accordingly. The kitchen needs a cooking space with stoves and grills, an eating space with outdoor dining sets, a prepping area to cook and finally, a storage area to store all the kitchenware. The outdoor kitchen can be an entertaining hub so it needs to be well-planned and stylishly furnished. The outdoor kitchen area should feel like an extension of your home and complement the modern design of the rest of your home.

The outdoor dining sets you choose for this entertaining zone should be able to withstand the elements. Outdoor dining sets made from materials such as wrought iron and tempered glass is an excellent choice for the outdoor setting and they complement contemporary decor wonderfully. Choose chair cushions and upholstery fabric made from water and stain resistant fabric like woven polyester and microsuede.

Protect the outdoor dining area with shade using umbrellas and awnings. You can add architectural details like arbors and pergolas to this area for protection against the elements, more privacy , and to beautify the space. With these outdoor accessories you can entertain in style even in summer.

Stock the outdoor kitchen with entertaining essentials like kitchenware, table linens and serveware. Keep all these entertaining basics in one place so that they are easily accessible and you can effortlessly carry out hosting duties. For the outdoor setting, kitchenware in playful prints and bright colors is a fitting choice. Dining plates and bowls in contemporary shapes like squares will be perfect for this entertaining hub. Multipurpose kitchen utensils that can be used in the oven or stove and then transferred to the tabletop are a great choice for the outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens are a great addition to your home as they can be used for family cookouts or quiet alfresco dinners for two.

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