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Your wedding day is bound to be one of the biggest

by:Modern Century     2021-03-18

Of course, there is the planning phase; hunting down the dress, calling vendors and sending out invitations. And there is also the bachelorette party, that last blast for you and your friends to go out and have a great time. But you can't forget about the bridal shower. In many ways this serves as the toned down version of the bachelorette party.

For your bridal shower, you get together with not just your friends, but family members of both you and your future spouse as well. They usually occur during the day and involve games and snacks, while the bachelorette party happens at night and involves a whole lot of cocktails.

The bridal party is still a great event and can be a lot of fun. These bridal shower decorations can make it a festive party that you will never forget.

1Pound of 20 Carat Clear Acrylic Diamonds

One thing that always comes to mind when thinking about weddings is a big, shining diamond. This set of 20 different clear acrylic diamonds is perfect to help add a little bit of bling to your bridal shower.

All of these acrylic diamonds have a small hole at the top to help make decorating even easier. You can tie them to party favors, dangle them on a string, or even spread them about on the tables. There is no limit to what you can do with this great set of dazzling acrylic diamonds.

3/8 Inch Bridal Shower Satin Ribbon - 25 Yards

Bridal shower favors are great ways to show your friends and family members how much you appreciate them coming out and showing their support for the new life you are about to set out on. That is why many brides to be offer bridal shower favors to help express that gratitude.

But simply handing them a gift as they walk out the door isn't quite enough. They also want to see that you put some thought into it. This satin ribbon will help you spruce up your party favors so that everyone knows how much you care. This satin ribbon is ideal for tying onto invitations, shower favors or even to decorate all around your bridal shower.

Perfect Match Rectangle Plastic Table Cover

Weddings can cost a whole lot of money. In many ways, it is worth it too. This is one of the biggest events of your life and you deserve to make it something truly special that you will never forget.

But in order to drop all of that cash on your wedding day, you might need to find ways to save money on your bridal shower. Hosting your shower in your home or the home of a friend is a great way to cut costs.

Having an event at the home of a friend means saving money on a venue rental, but you might still want to spend a little money to decorate. Sure, you can grab any old tablecloth out of the closet, but this festive table cover is designed specifically for your bridal shower event.

This affordable table cover has different squares with special wedding shower messages on them. One square says 'faith hope love,' while the other says 'love honor cherish.' This table cover measures 54 inches by 108 inches and will help add to the fun at your bridal shower.

The Best Wedding Shower Book: A Complete Guide for Party Planners

Getting your venue decorated for your bridal shower is one thing, but you also might not even know where to start. It would be a shame to go through all of that effort planning out the perfect party and realizing on that day that you have forgotten one crucial element.

That is why you might need 'The Best Wedding Shower Book.' This handy guide has all of the tips you could possibly need to plan out a wedding shower for yourself, a family member or a friend.

The book features useful checklists, practical designs for name tags and invitations, and even decorating tips that can save you a whole lot of money. You can find ideas for party games, recipe ideas and even help with choosing the right venue for your wedding shower. Don't get overwhelmed planning out your shower when you should be focusing on the wedding itself. Pick up this useful book and have everything organized in no time.

A wedding shower should involve the least amount of stress possible. You will have plenty of time to worry about all the details on your wedding day. With a few simple decorative ideas and a handy guide on how to do it, you can easily plan a shower that will be just as memorable as your wedding day.

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